Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos As Seen On TV


shimmer3It’s new, it’s hot, it’s Summer Jewelry Tattoos! They are temporary Metallic Jewelry Tattoos. From South Beach to Saint Barts, Saint-Tropez, London, and LA comes the new look that everyone is talking about.

Simply pick your design, apply, and let dry. You’ll be turning heads and getting noticed.

Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos stay beautiful for 4-6 days, and are safe to use on all skin types.

These waterproof Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos last long, but can still be removed easily with baby oil.

Order now and get 25 Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos for just $10. Other companies charge $24 dollars or more! Why would you shimmer with those other companies when you can get Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos for just $10?

Order right now and you’ll get 50 Summer Jewelry Tattoos! That’s double the amount for just $10. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos today!

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No Tangle Brush As Seen On TV

untangleyourday_detanglebrush_michelmercier_thebestwaytodetangleyourhairTangled hair? Painful brushing? Frustrating hair loss? Not anymore! Out with old ordinary brushes! Michel Mercier has created the revolutionary Ultimate Detangling Brush. Designed to gently detangle your hair in seconds. Unlike ordinary brushes with only a few contacts points, Michel Merciers Ultimate Detangling Brush uses 428 different contact points simultaneously reducing pressure and detangling your hair with fewer strokes. The perfectly placed bristles easily flow through your tangled hair like no other ordinary brush. Even thick, coarse, stubborn hair is no match for the Ultimate Detangling Brush.

No more frustrating hair, just smooth pain-free detangling. Reduce hair loss and breakage with one brush. The Detangling Brush comes in three styles to match all hair types: pink for fine hair, green for normal hair, and blue for thick hair. Three brush styles, one result. Get the Detangler Brush now for only $14.99.

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Shimmer Body Art

At theme parks and parties do you love those body painting designs? Introducing Shimmer, the professional Body Art that shines bright day and night. Just press on the stencil wherever you want to shimmer, brush on the patented adhesive, peel back the stencil, and then dip the brush in the glitter. It takes no time to apply the design, then just go with the glow. Place a subtle accent on ankles or wrists, or be bold and beautiful and create Shimmer designs on faces or anywhere you desire. Shimmer is great for birthday parties, kids love the fun stencils. Shimmer is so easy to apply that kids can create dozens of designs. Having a slumber party? With Shimmer, you and your friends can create matching designs. You’ll love wearing festive fun Shimmer designs to celebrate holidays. Now you can be a rock star wherever you are.

The patented waterproof adhesive resists bleeding and fading, and it lasts up to 7 days. When you’re ready to remove, Shimmer comes off easily with baby oil. Shimmer is dermatologist tested 100% Hypoallergenic and non-irritating. With Shimmer there are so many designs. You could pay $12 for just one design at a park, or you could get the Shimmer Starter Kit including 12 stick-on stencils, body glue, 2 brushes, and 2 body Shimmer colors for just $14.99. There’s also a Deluxe Kit for parties, fairs, and fundraisers.

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Shimmer Body Art Stories

When I was a little girl I would always ask to get glitter tattoos or henna tattoos at the fair, but my mom would always say no because they were quite pricey. However, one year we went to the fair on my birthday and she just couldn’t say no, so I got my first glitter tattoo and boy was I happy. I left that thing on for days. My mom kept telling me to scrub it off, but there was no way. I was going to keep that tattoo for as long as it would last. Looking back I wish that I would have been able to have glitter tattoos since they made me so happy. Fortunately, there is this amazing Shimmer Body Art Kit! My girls saw this product on TV and dragged me in the room. I logged right onto my computer and ordered it. It took about two weeks to get here and we were so excited when it arrived.

I did have a problem trying to order since I’m clueless when it comes to computers, but I called customer service and they were really helpful. There was no way I wasn’t going to get the Shimmer Body Art Kit. There help was greatly appreciated and helped me get my tattoo kit quick.

I had so much fun with my kids, they loved the tattoos and we put so many on the first day. You see, I can wear glitter tattoos because I have an new excuse…my kids ( : There were so many stencils designs to choose from and they really had fun picking and sharing stencils. I have never seen them have so much fun with a craft before.

The Shimmer Kit truly is a great product and I wish it was around when I was a kid. It makes the perfect gift for any occasion and also the perfect arts and craft project for whenever there is time. It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s fun, and creative. I hope that Shimmer allows you to have as much fun with your kids as I have had with mine.

I have included a few pictures of some tattoo designs that the girls loved and we used the most often our of all the stencils. Tip: do not forget to save stencils for reusing and be sure to save all excess glitter to add back into the jar when you are finished.

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Shimmer Body Art As Seen on TV

Shimmer Body Art is the latest and greatest glitter tattoo kit. These days everything is about (DIY) do it yourself projects. Shimmer is a perfect DIY project for kids and teens, even grown-ups will love it. Shimmer Body Art is so much fun and super easy to use. Simply place on the stencil, brush on adhesive, dab on the glitter, and go with the glow. It takes no more than a few steps and you’ll be dazzling in no time.

You’ve seen artists at theme parks and parties creat bedazzling designs. Well, now you can create your own professional body art shimmer that shines bright, day & night! With over 40 stencils to choose from in the Deluxe Kit, there is a design for everyone! Shimmer makes a great gift too. Who wouldn’t be happy to get a colorful, shimmery, glitter tattoo kit for their birthday? You can get the kit starting at just $14.99!

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Shimmer Tattoos

With Shimmer Body Art, you can create magical tattoos in just minutes. Kids of all ages will love this kit and so will grown up because it’s easy to use and clean up. Shimmer tattoos are the perfect toy for any occasion too. From birthday parties, to block parties, even fairs. Shimmer can be used anywhere anytime. It takes no more than a few minutes to have the glitter tattoo of your dreams anywhere on your body. From small flowers on ankles and wrists, to giant dragons across your back. Who wouldn’t love a less expensive version of those beautiful shiny tattoos you see at fairs and birthdays, in their very own home? It couldn’t be any easier to use. Simply place on the stencil, paint with glue, brush on the glitter, and there it is. A beautiful design every time.

This fairy is my favorite tattoo stencil in the kit. My daughters just loved this as a birthday present. I’m thinking of making the kit a Christmas present for my neices and nephews too because it seems like my kids love it so much. I have no complaints about this product. It comes with so many colors to choose from, and you know exactly what you are going to get before you buy it. I had a great experience buying this product, it arrived on time, customer service was friendly, and my kids simply loved it.

My favorite part is that there are two kits to choose from. If you have one or two kids the Standard Kit is perfect because it is smaller and costs less but still has great colors to choose from along with lovely stencils for just $14.95. They also offer a Deluxe Kit which is what I brought my girls because we have a big family, so I wanted them to be able to share. The Deluxe Kit is a bit pricier but worth every bit, it is $39.99.  Instead of a lemonade this summer I’m thinking they should set up a Shimmer Stand so they can show there friends there awesome craft, but also make a profit and have fun doing it. What better way to save for a Deluxe Kit then to have the kids earn it themselves?

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Shimmer– Professional Body Art

Shimmer is a professional glitter tattoo kit that allows you to get those temporary tattoos you’ve seen at theme parks and parties right in your very own home. Now you can create amazing shimmering glitter tattoos in just seconds without having to pay $8-$12 for just one tattoo at the fair. Once you pick your unique design, you simply press on the stencil where you want your tattoo, brush on the safe and easy to use glue, dip it in the glitter, then brush on the stencil until you have the perfect shiny glittery tattoo. Large designs and small, Shimmer Body Art Kit has them all. Shimmer is sure to enhance any birthday party or sleepover with barely any mess. It is also perfect for holidays like the Fourth of July, Mardi Gras, New Years, and so many more.

You can order the Standard Kit for just $14.99 and receive 12 stencils, 4 shimmery glitters, 1 glue and two brushes. The standard kit is simple so it is perfect for a few children to play with and use for perfect temporary tattoos. You could also upgrade to the Deluxe Shimmer Kit for just $39.99. It comes with 40 stencils, 12 glitters, 2 glues, and 2 brushes so it is ideal for parties and special occasions. Shimmer Body Art is the perfect accessory for everyone to get glowing and enjoy a magical tattoo in their very own home.

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My Shimmer Review

I think the Shimmer Body Art kit is awesome. It only cost $14.99 which seems to be a fair price for the product. I’m now wishing that I upgraded and got the Deluxe Kit from the start because I love it so much. It is very easy to use and it’s the perfect project for kids parties or other events like fundraisers. I was really surprised and grateful to find out that there was barely any mess as well. It comes with many stencils which can be used for both kids and adults. I wish it came with more colors, but since I only purchased the standard kit I cannot really complain. You can even re-use the stencils when you are finished with them if you save the piece that you pulled them off of.

Overall, I really only have a positive response towards the product. It does everything they say it would and it is very inexpensive. I would definitely recommend upgrading to the Advanced Kit if you think you’re really going to love this product. The colors in that one are very bright and there is a numerous amount of them. In all honestly, I’ll probably end up buying that one too!

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Shimmer Review

My friends and I ordered the Shimmer Body Art Kit for an end of summer block party we will be having this year. When the kit got here we were so excited! It had everything in it that they said it would: glitter, glue, brushes, stencils, and super easy to follow directions. We didn’t really want to wait until the day of the event to try them so we gave them a practice run this week. They are seriously so easy to apply and not over-the-top at all. I really like that, in addition to the ones in the kit, you can also use other stencils. You can buy them from Micheal’s or AC Moore, or you can even make your own (if you’re creative)!

The glitter included comes in silver, purple, pink, and blue, which are perfect for block parties and other fun events. While not something I’d normally try, these will be perfect for this particular event. Depending on your lifestyle, and age, these will be appropriate for a variety of events. Most importantly, kids will love them!

They look really great and ours lasted even longer then the 5-7 days that they said it would. They leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them and they all wanted to know our secret. It’s Shimmer Body Art of course!

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